SERVICES at Golden Recycling LLC

Responsible Recycling

Commodity Purchase

Secure Data Destruction

We are Responsible Recycling Certified, which means we are audited for the accounting and tracking of all material that comes through our doors.
We buy nearly any type of IT Equipment such as Computer/Laptop, Networking, Server or Storage, Components and Electronic (E-Waste / E-Scrap) ranging from whole units, parts to circuit boards or individual components. 
Simply deleting data files or even formatting a computer's hard drives isn't enough. 

We do provide a Large HDD Shredder to make sure all data is fully damaged and placed in an appropriate storage container.

We provide Highly Tense Training with a Warehouse Supervisor on the spot evaluating and making sure no media is at high risk. We have various Security Cameras and Intense Facility Alarm for any suspicous acts.


Closure Liquidation

We also dismantle the electronic product into the original components.
All the packing and inventory can be a daunting task. We have our professional crew come, when convenient, and handle everything for you. We pick-up all Electronic Waste/Scrap you do not want.